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26th October 2016

12 weeks

Mother Love


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Who is creativitea time for?

Creativitea time is for artists of all kinds, skill levels and experience. Anyone who enjoys being creative, or remembers they once did as a child.

It's for the seekers, intuitive feelers and sensitive souls who need a gentle place to regroup, get real and restore a sense of self empowerment. It also serves carers very well, as it gives you a place to find solace and creative expression for feelings that needs an outlet, and place to land alongside a community of Women who understand art heals.

It's for the ones who know you're so much stronger than you sometimes feel, you just need some creative fuel and ways to remember who you are.



Creativitea Time offers a playful creative practice that encourages and supports you in bringing creativity into your everyday life. 


Warmest wishes,

Denise xo

 video :  A Landing Page for an Artist


Creativitea Time eCourse info

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  • do you delight to sit in women's circle and feel encouraged and uplifted?
  • do you LOVE the comfort of a cup of tea?
  • do you practice radical self acceptance already, or would like to learn about it?
  • do you need a very special time for your creative spirit to be nurtured?
  • you've come to the right place, I look forward to meeting you 'virtually' for tea.