Creativitea time is an artful exploration with Denise Daffara; demonstrating the process of intentional creativity, art journaling, self nurturing creative practices of radical self acceptance and the joy & freedom found in creating a smash book. Denise will share the simple sacredness of a tea ceremony for one.

I invite you to pull up a chair and take your place at this tea table.

This class is intended to provide encouragement, support, connection and clarity around your personal creative journey.

To bring you home to yourself, to hear and support your wise inner voice / Muse, and recognise the effects of your inner critic. We'll be facing the fears and creating anyway.

 "People start to heal the moment they feel heard"  - Cheryl Richardson

How wise are we to begin to hear and heal ourselves, this has been my journey these last many years, using creativity is my favourite way of doing this and I invite you to connect with awakening women as we choose to flourish artfully.

Denise xo




A mystical piece of this course will be creating a Smash Book

When you create your Smash Book, you are in essence hand building an alchemical container
aka art journal/magicbook/energy infused wonderbook
to hold whatever theme your heart & soul desires at the time.  It will be a great place to house your course notes, collage and wonderings.

Smash book journal pages can be quick and very easy, for those who don't feel they either have the skills or time to phaff around in a longer session - we will explore various options for both smash and regular 'mixed media' art journal pages - with self inquiry often explored, because.. self care is vital in my opinion.

About Smashbooking

"It can be extremely helpful, satisfying and freeing to create a safe place

for your, thoughts, feelings and ideas to land." DD.


Intentional Creativity   Connection   Conversation  Community

Who is this course for?


Creativitea time is for artists of all kinds, skill levels and experience. Anyone who enjoys being creative, or remembers they once did as a child.

It's for the seekers, intuitive feelers and sensitive souls who need a gentle place to regroup, get real and restore a sense of self empowerment.

It's for the ones who know you're so much stronger than you sometimes feel,

you just need some creative fuel and ways to remember who you are.

When does it begin and for how long?

36 packages of content that could be taken consecutively over 5 weeks,
5 months or as long as you like

Join today, take a year to enjoy the offering.

What will You learn?

Some tools and encouragement for self healing and self inquiry.

  • intentional creativity,
  • art journal prompts and examples
  • creation of a sacred smash book, even a series of them if this delights you
  • courageous collage
  • bringing emotion to the page and transmuting it when desired
  • that you are not alone in your self doubting,
  • strategies for making next right steps toward what you do want
  • synchronicitea of crystals, chakra's & colour


What does each week hold, how is this going to work?

There are 5 weeks, and each week you will be introduced to a different 'co-host' that I have created as a completely spontaneous method for bringing diverse voices into our artful conversation and creative exploration.

I thoroughly enjoy and embrace the notion that we each have various 'selves' within.


How will the content be delivered?

A website purpose built for this e-course 'virtual tearoom' will be available

  • content included in the 36 daily packages, in one form or several.
  • video, audio, written information
  • light on email content, all access to content will be in the one place
  • open discussion and community in a private (secret) fb group

  • 36 packages of content

    Begin where you are, this e-course will meet you there.

  • Private Facebook Group

    We will have a secret fb group which you will be invited to join, and you don’t have to if that’s not your thing. It can remain open after the end of the course.

  • Video lessons included

    High speed internet will be most helpful.  The video’s will be like the one above, and include tabletop demonstrations.

  • Live video conference call

    Spontaneous ‘meet & see’ gatherings may be added to the experience as we go through 2016 together.

You're invited to take up this opportunitea for a dynamic interchange of creative delight.

How much is the course?

join now special $111 

valued at $197 USD

You are welcome to pay via bank deposit, please email for details, art (at)

or use the paypal button to the left.

Delightful, engaging, "warm and fuzzy"

Creating the smash book and feeling encouraged to just go for it with my artmaking, the lack of rules was wonderful, the website tearoom was fun and looked gorgeous
I would say that if you are looking for a delightful very friendly, loving and compassionate teacher with a fun sense of humour to guide you and inspire you to use your creativity, then Denise Daffara is the one for you!

I have my smash book to write in and create my dreams into reality. Also your course has inspired me to try again making my own online course down the track and not worrying about how to do it, but rather trusting my intuition and going with what feels right, listening for the next steps.

- Iris Ztarr, Finland, Creativitea Time e-course guest

Fun - creating the time to play in my right brain; My time - a place to discover hidden talents;  Safe - a nurturing experience to just explore 

The concept of creating a container and giving myself the space and freedom to explore new creative ways. Without any pressure to get it perfect, or right. A light hearted and fun way to learn how to tap into and express different parts of me. A space to release what no longer serves me. A nurturing and supportive environment. Most of all inspiring, encouraging, and creative.

Give yourself the gift of some creative time, schedule in some play time and allow your inner child to have some creative expression. Creating a container for my projects, using some of the creative tools - collage, painting, journalling - just taking my art journals to a whole new level

- Louise, Sydney, Creativitea Time e-course guest

Is this a painting course?

Inasmuch as there are video examples of paintings being created in smashbook and artjournal pages.  I show you step by step how they arrive, and give any details of materials, and templates where appropriate. There is a warm and gentle encouragement to #drawlikenooneisjudging. Learning by copying is welcomed within the e-course, but not a requirement at all.

I do not provide individual critique as I want to provide the space for this to be a completely free exploration of your response to the offerings provided. You can't get it wrong.

Do I need much fancy paint and materials?

No, not for this one, with smashbooking it's very much about using whatever you have (a composition book is rather important) but other than that, basic craft paints, and any you have at home will do fine.  I do demonstrate such delicious things as golden fluid acrylics, and some inks and pens, but I'll show you what I'm using as we go. A materials list of suggestions will be supplied.

What do you mean it's for artists of all skill levels, wouldn't an experienced artist find this a bit naff and beginnery? 

I had been painting for over 10 years before I was introduced to art journaling, so this being my first online course creation, I wanted to offer the most important thing I have learned in my 15 years of being around painting. (and WISH they taught it at school) It's got less to do with the art, and far more to do with how I treat myself, and allow for play, kindness to self, 'radical self acceptance' as Tara Brach puts it, is where I feel it's the best place to begin, or be reminded of, especially when you've forgotten. So, if that whispers to your soul, ... listen.

What if I'm a potter not a painter, and I don't believe I can draw?

I am creating this course in the belief that "I wish I had this when I started arting", - I am actually not a drawer.. I love painting. I see collage as one of the best things in the world for us who want to put so much more detail onto a page than our current drawing ability seems able to. This container is about tuning in to ways your creativitea wants to be poured for you. Supporting you in where you are now. Meeting you right where you are. so.. in short answer, I do feel it can work for a potter not a painter.

This is my inner child, she reminds me / us to draw like no-one is judging.

Do I have to keep up with the daily offerings?

Not at all, this is a go at your own speed, be nurtured, listen to your own guidance kind of space, Choose the activities that light you up. The website will be available for 5 months until 11 Feb 2016.

What if I already have my own art practice, I just don't get around to it because of taking too many courses?

I know that feeling very well, so..firstly, if you feel drawn in and excited by this offering : I would encourage you to take what you learn from me, and use it in your own style and way, thereby instantly integrating the parts that you can / and the smashbook could be focused on your ever growing efficiency.. and how to invite that in. Self inquiry around this could be very helpful too. Within this course.. or without.

Sometimes she likes to take a nap in the middle of all this reading and thinking.

Can I share the tearoom and password?

This is a private offering for those who have paid, I gently ask that you please respect the integrity of all the paid members and myself and keep it for yourself.

Can I share what I'm doing on social media and my blog?

Of course, you are welcome to. Let's use a hashtag #creativiteatime and we will be able to see an album of the groups creations.

Do I need high speed internet?

I believe so, for the video content, I will work to keep them on the shorter side mostly around 10 minutes or less so that will hopefully make it easier and less download time.

Once I sign up for the course can I change my mind?

I'm sorry, no refunds will be able to be offered.

Can I teach what I learn from this course and/or write an article for publication on the content covered, or anything of that nature?

Again, integrity and honesty are always your friend. If you share what you have learned anywhere, it's always good to acknowledge the teacher or author, or link back to their website, or better still seek their ok if you're questioning yourself about it.

If you have any particular questions, you can email

art (at)

Dear friend,

I believe when we are seen and heard we can heal, and so for many years now I have been seeking to see and hear myself in my personal quest of self healing, through times of grief, depression, and awakenings.  No wonder that old saying 'children should be seen and not heard' is so painful and wrong. Using art journaling, intentional creativity and painting as a self healing modality has been extremely helpful for me and in recent years I have felt a pull from within to begin to share what I have learned,  some of my experiences, and ways of being, in the hope that they may be of service, uplift, inspire and be of support to others. Please note that I am not a therapist of any kind, and if you have a reason to believe you need professional assistance, please get some, this course is not intended to replace therapy, but rather support your process and creativity.

Creativitea Time is my offer of holding space in a virtual circle for artful women, where we can sit side by side no matter our location, and connect, share grow and learn and know we are not alone. Gathering in healing circles is an ancient practice that is a deeply meaningful and vital opportunity for women (and men) in my opinion.  We need eachother in order to reflect back our brilliance and to be reminded of who we are.

With love, Denise.

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I'm curious about creativitea time

Keep me posted, and send the little bunch of artist notes, thanks.

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What some of my Creativitea Time e-course guests have said.

Denise, I think people are extremely fortunate to have an artist so honest and relatable and willing to share teachings as well as the journey.

Dr Lynika Cruz , Transformational Speaker, Best Selling Author and Personal Performance Coach

Soulful Challenging Affirming

This is an art journalling course with a difference - it is a life-affirming, non-judgemental, kindness-based approach to personal growth and self nuturing through various art tecniques. And it's fun too! Denise is a very thoughtful and honest host. Prepare to be challenged in the gentlest of ways. Of most value personally were the pieces that I made in my smashbook. I liked the fact I could share these in a secret FB group - but didn't have to. I think I will continue to fill in my smashbook - gaining new insights with every page. This will be something I will always do, I reckon, from now on.

- Celia Coyne, Creativitea Time e-course guest

insightful, vulnerability, amazing 

I loved the videos showing the how to. I'm a visual person and I really learned a lot. I just loved the whole process that I'm going to do it again.

Creativitea Time course is well worth doing. Not only do you create a gorgeous Smash Book but you go on a wonderful journey of self discovery. By revisiting this course I can update my Smash Book as the mood takes. It's a forever evolving journey.

- Ann Martin, Creativitea Time e-course guest

Warm, loving, special

The Facebook group, having something new every day, the videos, the handouts, the self-enquiry I loved everything! I actually loved that it had a loose structure and we didn't know what each week held.

You have to do it!!! You will tune in to your Soul in a way you probably never have. Denise is just authentic and beautiful and an amazing facilitator of the course.
I see smash books becoming a very important part of my creative process and for working with my Soul. I love them being a sacred container for just about anything!!

- Maria V, Creativitea Time e-course guest

Oh Denise, this was so Blessedly Generous & Love-filled! I LOVED IT!

Watching you just go for it … really freed me up to do that as well!
I really love that you followed your own intuition & energies …do the next one like that too!

This is a really fun way to focus in on your creative practice with lots of great ideas and support! Denise you were so generous in what you shared & in how you shared… A really Beautiful Soulful offering! ) The energy of freedom to play and just go with what comes as I'm creating will be with me now...

- Tamera Hayes, Creativitea Time e-course guest

inspiring, creative, loving

do it! Creativitea Time is an opportunity to connect with your deeper self. Creativitea (I thought I had none!) will allow you to explore a different way of expressing your feelings, ideas, vision, dreams.... no judgements.

Smashbooking and journaling has now become a big part of my life. It is a way of recording my feelings and experiences each day. This helps me to honour and respect my life and also to recognise the challenges.

- Nicole, Creativitea Time e-course guest

inspiring, illuminating, comforting, refreshing

I really wouldn't change a thing! I appreciated that the technical aspects of the course were beautifully managed.
If you want to bust your creative spirit out of it's hiding places in a safe, comforting, and FUN way, this is the course for you!
I believe that I was partly called to this course to observe how you handle that first online offering. I'm still formulating mine how that will go for my offerings and what that will look like, but you have provided a brilliant example of an offering of grace, acceptance, integrity, filled with creative spirit, and FUN.

- Debbie Weaver, Creativitea Time e-course guest

Uplifting, inspirational and liberating!

I can't say exactly one thing. For me it was all the pieces that came together. I found so much of it inspirational. I guess, most of all, was giving myself permission to not be perfect.
If you want to learn how to be free, this course is for you.

This is not just an art course but a "you" course. It has so many elements in it that is helpful. I feel I can't do it justice with words.

- Leesha Dee, Creativitea Time e-course guest

Full price of the course is  $197  USD

special on now : self paced year long access : $111 USD


find out more about Denise


at the about Denise page, and see a video of her 'reading' one of her favourite paintings from 2014.


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