Mother Love - Introduction

a journey into our own mystery via online circle gatherings, creativitea time with art journal, needle & thread. Video lesson demonstrations and Conversation.

Video : Hi from Denise, and a little about what to expect inside 'Mother Love' : 9:51 mins

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What date does this begin?

Wednesday 26th October 2016 until Wednesday 18th January 2017 AEST live with access for at least 6 months

circle times will be held online bi-weekly, and recorded to be shared only within the group, with a pause over the Christmas & New Year period.

What is this about?

I like to create content by going where I am led from within, that way it is the most authentic offering I can bring at the time.

My Mother crossed over the veil in January 2016, and the time surrounding her death and afterwards has had a profound effect on me. In a very tender and gentle way for the most part.

I feel that as grown women we are each learning how to Mother ourselves, especially when our Mother is no longer here, or there has been a break down in the relationship. Some have a sacred relationship with the Divine Mother.

In my work/life I seek to understand what is behind the way I/we behave, I seek clarity and comfort in my art and sharing. This offering combines my ability to share what I'm feeling via creativity in a way that invites others to participate in their own creative journey of responding to their own life/art.

A space is held for whatever arises, may we each learn to 'love that' . . . not so much trying to fix, but recover parts of ourselves that may have been lost or forgotten. Celebrating joy in all its forms so that we feel connected within before we overflow out.

  • Gathering + Sharing

    facebook group and online circle gatherings via zoom.

  • Hand Made

    Some stitching or crochet wants to be included

What is going to happen?

Here are some options that WILL be included : 

♥ Circle gatherings via Zoom bi-weekly.  ♥  Smashbook & art journal video demonstrations.  ♥ A private facebook group.  ♥  Art making : collage and painting.  ♥  Stitching or Sewing of some kind.  ♥  Wondering aloud.  ♥ Weaving with ideas & paper.

Here are some highly likely additional possibilitea's :

♥  PDF's and downloadable printable things.  ♥  Embroidery stitches.  ♥  Making a flower brooch. ♥  Crochet.  ♥  Guest Conversations for you to listen to.  ♥  Mysterious things that show up to be added. ♥ I would dearly love to have a live zoom call where we all stitch/sew and share together.

What about EACH WEEK?  I'm sorry, I'm not that way inclined... as soon as I begin to narrow down what I'll be doing 12 weeks from now I start to feel constricted . . . so, that is why I give you the list of things above, so you can have an outline of what is possible, and then be open to how that flows as we go. If that notion bothers you bombastically, then consider we might not be a great fit to work/play together at this time.

Please note : you can attend this class without attending the zoom calls if you choose. The material is made for you to use in the best way that works for you. You will be encouraged and supported to seek your own inner guidance throughout our time together.

Denise x

Time Committment

There will be 6 Zoom circle calls, these take approx 1.5 hours each at most, and I desire to find a time bi-weekly that the majority of guests can attend / depending on time zones.

Video content that I make and include will be accessible to you for several months so there is no hurry, all of the activities are optional and can be done at your leisure. I will add an approx. time to each activity to let you know how long I took, or it may take.

So... it's 'how long is a piece of string?' in some ways. It could be that you have been seeking to make time to go within, or spend some contemplation time with your thoughts via your creativity, so this is your opportunity to gather to yourself snippets of time to step in, the more you invite, the more you'll receive.

Even if you only show up for the in person circles I know that will benefit you, women thrive when we feel seen, heard and connected. Circle time invites and holds that intention.

Sample Video - She Needed Grace  :  7:29 mins

Taking a feeling of fear and inadequacy to the page . . . transmuting that with paint and pen, to find a gentle answer comes from within.

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If this offering calls to you and you are in financial challenge, please know that part scholarships, and payment plans may be applied for. Payment may also be arranged via bank deposit.

email : art (@)

Video : A brief visit into my current 'Mother Love' smashbook. : 9:10 mins

click to visit youtube video discussing this painting